Now open!!

Hello everyone!

The House of Fun has open it’s doors again and invites all of you to come inside and see our attractions.

Most all of the rooms are open today for you to explore so don’t be shy!

Enough chitchat for now, there will be time for that another today.

Now look around and enjoy yourselves ūüėÄ


Arcade & Game Room

This has to be one of the coolest arcade games (remember arcades kiddies?) that I have seen!  If I ever make old white man money this baby is coming home!
Game nirvana 


Hall of Oddities

Be amazed and traumatized by EXPLODING HEADS!¬†don’t worry it’s not gory this time but there is an instance of gruesome ala Game of Thrones (duh!)


Movie and Video Room

Today’s feature offers us a killer! who stalks young coeds at a cheerleader camp and Canadian Mountie, Tommy Smothers and his partner Paul Reubens are on the case! ¬†I remember this fondly from all the bad films the Movie Channel used to play back when.

Sit back and enjoy – Pandemonium


Music Room

I’m really digging on Starset as of late. ¬†Rocking out in space helmets is very awesome!

Moving on we answer the age old question – What would it be like if five of Russia’s political icons got together and had a rap throw down?

I think a better question though is what would be like if the houses of Game of Thrones had a rap battle?!

Here’s 4 minutes to shake your ass!

Now lets smooth out to the immortal Don Ho


The ? Bizaar

Any Dungeon Master worth his or her salt needs a good gaming table and Geekchic is the place to go.

Your kitchen demands this!!


The Library

I’m a huge fan of old pulp fiction books. ¬†Classic heroes like Doc Savage, The Shadow, The Secret 6, and others alike sparked my imagination and creativity when I was young so I owe a lot of my ideas to those stories. ¬†Atlus Press has wonderful collections that you can get fairly cheap!


The Menagerie

Be amazed by these amazing facts about amazing Sea-monkeys! 


That is all for today kiddies! Be sure to come visit again as our attractions and exhibits are always changing. ¬†There’s something for everyone!

Bye for now ūüėÄ



The House of Fun opening again soon!!

That’s right ladies and germs,

Gabriel’s House of Fun has been restored, remodeled, and revamped! The doors will be opening again soon and you all are invited back to come play within.

It’s been a while but the clowns that be have decided it was time to return and bring the Gabriel Brand of fun and entertainment back into your lives! ¬†Exciting right?

Soon the rooms and attractions will be available and a new area has been built – The Geek Lounge where all things geek can be discussed and debated.

It is a wonderful time here at the beginning of 2015 and I hope you will visit many times throughout the year! ¬†We look forward to seeing all of you soon ūüėÄ

My Time in the Pacific Rim

Clown Auditorium

Last night, after a year and half wait I finally got to see my most anticipated summer movie, Pacific Rim.

It doesn’t take itself to seriously and that is a good thing. ¬†It knows what it is and does an amazing job giving you that, monsters fighting giant robots!
The movies starts with a brief intro about when earth was first attacked by Kaiju, the giant monsters, and how we as a people had to come up with a way to fight them; enter the giant robots.   From there you learn a little more history then it comes to the present where attacks keep growing and the robots are starting to lose.
That’s all I’ll say for that. ¬†The story is not amazing but I’ll let you experience it on your own ūüėČ

The effects are AMAZING!  Both monster and robot exist, and what I mean by that is you can actually believe these things are real.  I marveled every time they were on the screen.
They are simply amazing.  If you are looking for what in my opinion is a near perfect summer movie experience go see Pacific Rim!
It’s a whole package of entertainment and it needs support to show Hollywood that original movies can still pack a punch!
My biggest thanks to director Guillermo del Toro  for making such a fun film!
Now I would like to turn it over to 5 year old me who sat next to me in the theater smiling his face off the whole time.

Thank you 40 year old me.
My review of Pacific Rim –
It was AWESOME! There were big monsters destroying things! BASH!POW!CRUNCH! and planes tried to fight them but got squished then big robots fought them and beat the stuffing out of them BAM!BAM!BAM! It was soooooooo coool! I really liked when the monsters and robots fought the most.  The rest was ok but the fights were the best.  It was the best movie I saw.

Thank you 5 year old me.  I see the smile has not left your face.
Alrighty that is all for this week.  See you soon with next weeks attractions.
Please go see Pacific Rim.  It is a big, fun, and exciting movie!

Looking Back – Of Men and Monsters

The Clown Auditorium

Yesterday I hit the big 40 and with that I have been looking back over my life.¬† I don’t see myself as old but rather as an accomplished life liver. ¬†Regardless of the bad stuff we all go through I have lived a great life and am happy where I’m at. ¬†Thinking of the things that have guided me and made me who I am I go back to my youngling years to age 4 where something amazing happened to me.
I saw Godzilla!
Yes the King of the Monsters was the start of a life long love affair that would influence my imagination and creativity for the next 36 years and still continues to this day.

To be exact it was Godzilla vs Mothra from 1964.¬† I can still remember sitting on the floor wrapped up in a blanket that Saturday night, watching the tube with my mouth wide open.¬† When Godzilla came on the the screen, you could have punched me in the face and I wouldn’t have felt a thing.¬† I was so transfixed.¬† I could not take my eyes away as Godzilla destroyed the city then sweet sassy molassy! A giant moth!¬† A GIANT MOTH! came to the aid of the people and fought to protect them.¬† I witnessed the greatest thing that ever happened to me up till then.¬† I got to see a giant monster fight!¬† It was the coolest ever!¬† Star Wars would come out later that year and become the most awesome but still, giant monster fight!

The thing that would become my gateway drug was the show that presented Godzilla and a different monster/horror flick every Saturday, Creature Features hosted by Bob Wilkins and his trade mark cigar. I couldn’t get enough. ¬†Every Saturday night I staked my claim on the floor and awaited that weeks dose of monster or horror goodness. ¬†In addition to Godzilla and a host of 1950s sci-fi I was also introduced to Ray Harryhausen who sadly passed away recently. ¬†The first movie of his I saw was Jason and The Argonauts and I was blown away by the skeleton fight scene. ¬†It got me to the library to study mythology.
That summer I lucked out when a friend of the family gave me left over school supplies that she had.  I received huge stacks of drawing paper, construction paper, pens, and pencils.
I was set!  As I trucked everything home my brain was working like mad thinking about all the stuff I would create.  It was one of the best summers I ever had.

As I read more about mythology and watched more movies something else was coming to throw more coal on my imagination – The Japanese!
Sure I was influenced already by Godzilla but there was a lot more for me to experience from there.  Saturday night was awesome but now Saturday morning would be cool as well!
Bob Wilkins decided to pull double duty and became Captain Cosmic to compete with the morning cartoons.  I got to see more amazing Japanese shows like Johnny Socko and his flying Robot, Ultraman, Spectreman, The Space Giants, and I  got turned on to Anime through Star Blazers.  The good Captain would also show episodes from old Flash Gordon serials to boot.
It was an amazing time.

As I grew a little older I began to write and my old friend TV was there!  Creature Features had gone off the air so I was fiendishly looking for new ways to get my fix and I found
The Twilight Zone and Night Gallery by Rod Serling and subsequently The Outer Limits.   These shows spoke to me on another level.  The episodic short stories made me look at things different and start to find the meaning within.  I began to write my own shorts and dream of one day having my own macabre show.

I would like to thank all of those shows for showing me the way to many new worlds and opening my eyes and brain to endless possibilities of creativity!
To this day 36 years later I’m still influenced by all of your wonder.

Movie & Video Room

A few things from some of my influences above ūüėÄ

This is one of my favorite Twilight Zones, Time Enough At Last

Here are some of the monsters from The Outer Limits

A chilling tale from Night Gallery

Behold the power of Ultraman, in Japanese ūüėČ

That’s all the show for this week! ¬†See you around the Funhouse!